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With many customers adopting mobile devices and tablets for various walks of life such as online shopping, information consumption, multimedia, business processing, social networking etc, Mobile application development has gained momentum.

Creating a mobile application for your business helps you target a huge customer base, generating new revenue streams for your business. It also increases business efficiency and reduces the operational costs. Our development team has the experience and the expertise to render the best mobile application.

Today, it has become mandatory for an organization to have a web presence to gain momentous success and it is equally mandatory for the website to be accessed easily by the ever growing mobile users.

Our developers takes pride in developing mobile websites considering all the peculiarities of mobile web development including user experience, UI implementations etc. All the images are optimized to facilitate fast loading and provide hurdle-free user experience.


As if we did not love Google enough, they have come out with the revolutionary Android Operating System which has an underlying philosophy that "all applications are created equal". At EFFECTS MEDIA, we have been in the forefront of Android based application development ever since its inception. Among the applications we developed are GPS locator applications, media applications with audio and video players, social networking applications, gaming applications and more.