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As corporations strive to remain technologically relevant, many are experiencing a wake-up call as they realize that most of their content doesn't translate well to mobile devices.

HTML5 is rapidly emerging as the de facto standard for content delivery, with native support for searchable, interactive multimedia content. HTML5 can support mobile devices and platforms from a single content source and provides extensive opportunities to uniquely optimize your content far beyond the traditional web and PDF "page turning" experiences.

EFFECTS MEDIA content technologists and honed publishing processes help enterprises capitalize on new mobile media with an HTML5 design and conversion strategy that optimizes content for delivery to any tablet or Smartphone.

Whatever your starting point - Word documents, PowerPoint slides, Flash videos and/or PDFs - EFFECTS MEDIA can quickly and affordably convert your content into a streamlined HTML5 package for endless mobile portability, while still supporting legacy browsers.

When your content is designed and implemented correctly into a single HTML5 content base, it becomes portable to all mobile platforms, interactive, for enhanced user experiences, future-proofed to support the continuing evolution of mobile platforms, easy to update and repurpose, and easily tracked to discern usage patterns and metrics.

HTML5 eliminates the need for device installs or plug-ins and allows you to efficiently publish content that engages and delights your customers, employees, and your bottom line.